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The decline of the oil age will come first, then the era of money. According to the experts of the Singularity University, we will not need to spill until the last drop of oil for the solar energy to finally be so cheap that the entire oil infrastructure will not have competition. Technologies such as Cryptocurrency will enable favorable environments for the development of innovation.


Elon Musk says that if we do not join the machines evolution now, one day we could become pets of them (by adding a dose of drama to the story). With this rationale, his company Neuralink will implant brain artifacts to improve the cognitive capacity of man, by adding artificial intelligence to nature.


Former generations suffere-resolute life by leaving their financial security to the hands of companies or the government, retiring after 65 years (as in a commercial for grandparents’ stays). Before, security was equal to happiness. In 2017 , the first option for recent graduates should be to start a company.